Season 0

XANA Awakens Part 1 - Page 1 through Page 60. A new campaign begins in the world of Lyoko.

XANA Awakens Part 2 - Page 61 through Page 110. The first session continues to unite the Lyoko Warriors and players for the first time.

Season 1

Teddygozilla - Page 111 through Page 160. Strange forces are at Kadic, centering around an 11-year-old girl.

Seeing Is Believing - Page 161 through Page 198. Things are getting super nuclear in-game.

Holiday In the FogPage 199 through Page 243. A new member has joined the group, but can she help them combat the latest XANA attack?

Log Book - Page 244 through Page 274. The session continues when NPC Sissi steals Ulrich's diary, but Eric's getting tired of this.

Cruel Dilemma - Page 275 through Page 337. Taylor experiences his first major derailment, but he's got a plan to get back on the tracks.

Image Problem - Page 338 through Page 404. Yumi behaves strangely after falling into the Digital Sea, but Rachel's acting funny as well. Is this an out-of-character problem or an in-character problem?

Laughing Fit - Page 405. A sleep-deprived Eric creates a hilarious way to deal with a supposedly drama-filled session.