Page 54 - Son of a Gun!

15th Jun 2017, 8:00 AM in XANA Awakens
Page 54 - Son of a Gun!
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MagicMixture 15th Jun 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
There's a reason why Taylor discourages cursing. You'll find out after the prequel.

Despite this comic being flagged with "harsh language", I don't think I'll have really bad swearing here. I don't know. I might change my mind later, but not everyone swears.

(says the author who swears when they stub their toe)

Life Points
Odd: 10 HP
Ulrich: 5 HP


Taylor: A second blok charges up blue this time.
Eric: Uh, dodge?
Taylor: Good thinking. That was an ice beam. Can’t block those.
Taylor: The third blok fires at Odd.
Andy: Crap. I didn’t make it out of the way.
Eric: I block it!
[Ulrich dashes in front of Odd to stop the laser, which is absorbed by his sword.]
Andy: Aww, you do care.
Eric: Just shoot.
Andy: Can do. Going for double this time.
Andy: Oh my freaking god!
Rachel: You can curse, you know.
Andy: Tell that to him over there.
Taylor: <whistles>
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Rastaba 15th Jun 2017, 12:23 PM edit delete reply
Everybody has different thresholds for when they feel swearing is appropriate, but when at someone else's place, the host, or GM, usually sets the terms of such. I usually don't like swearing period unless used for sake of comedy, or if I am having one of those days.
Super_Big_Mac 28th Nov 2017, 4:19 AM edit delete reply
My group is generally a group of 'Sir Swears A Lot's, though one will also usually play as a kid (so no swearing IC for them).
In one of our first couple of sessions for a game, I rolled 3 Nat 1 Perception Checks in a row, so the GM had sun glint off the roof of the Sun Queen's temple and blind me, which caused me to be 'cursed' by her, causing my character to be unable to swear at all. I spent the entire rest of the game not swearing (it was difficult), and the GM cracked up and applauded my efforts, as he'd forgotten that had even happened. It was a fun self-challenge.
Wildwolf42 16th Jun 2017, 1:04 PM edit delete reply
No swearing! EVER! unless you are not me XD
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