Page 359 - Personal Space!!!

26th Dec 2018, 3:00 PM in Image Problem
Page 359 - Personal Space!!!
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MagicMixture 26th Dec 2018, 3:00 PM edit delete
My God, watching this scene again is so freaking creepy and unsettling! I mean, Jeremie's lines are funny, but everything else? XANA's disturbing.

But, of course, this brings up the question of "What the hell is going on?!" out-of-character.


Stein: O-Okay, I get it. Obviously, XANA studied up on different forms of persuasion, one of which is flirtation—
[Yumi? leans closer to Jeremie.]
Stein: —which appears less of a threat when compared to intimidation thus making the target more receptive and—
Rachel (Yumi?): Shh. . . You talk so much when you’re flustered.
Taylor: Yeah. . . that's en—
[Yumi? leans in to kiss Jeremie.]
Stein: Um, um, b-back up! Back up!
Taylor: That's enough, Rachel!
Rachel: . . . Too much?
Stein: Obviously!
Andy: Pizza's h—!
Andy: Huh??
Eric: Uh. . .
Ian: Wow. Perfect timing, guys.
Stein & Rachel: . . .
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