Page 343 - Hold the Meat

15th Oct 2018, 8:23 AM in Image Problem
Page 343 - Hold the Meat
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MagicMixture 15th Oct 2018, 8:23 AM edit delete
Uh-oh. Andy done goofed this time.


Taylor: Ugggghhh.
Rachel: Oh, come on. It wasn't that bad.
Taylor: Bah!
Eric: You two took your time.
Andy: Taylor! Madeline has pizza, and she's not sharing.
Taylor: What? Oh, for the love of. . .
Madeline: I would share if I could.
Ian: So, pizza's on its way here.
Rachel: What did you order?
Andy: The usual. Pepperoni, sausage, Stein likes olives.
Rachel: I'm a vegetarian.
Andy: You are?
Rachel: Yeah.
Andy: Oh crap. I didn't think —
Rachel: Yeah, you didn't.
Andy: Uh, I can order another.
Rachel: Sure. Go ahead.
Andy: . . .
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Predap 15th Oct 2018, 3:41 PM edit delete reply
Hey! I just binge-read your comic, and I have to say that you've done a great job. This is the first campaign comic based off something I hadn't seen before that I've been able to completely catch up on without losing interest. I'll be excited to see where this goes in the future.
MagicMixture 15th Oct 2018, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
AAHHH!!! Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy what comes next!

The original show is awesome, but I'm glad that you still enjoyed my take on it without seeing it anyway. I was hoping I would entertain newcomers to Lyoko as well. Thank you!
Rastaba 15th Oct 2018, 10:00 PM edit delete reply
Yeah...this is why you ask everyone at least once before you order pizza for a group.
Vanacan 18th Oct 2018, 6:48 AM edit delete reply
Yeah... even if just because someone might not like the flavor. I know I like olives, but don’t really care for them on pizza. A meat pizza is a “safer” bet, but there’s plenty of people who just like plain pizza.
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