Page 334 - Not the Titular Dilemma

26th Sep 2018, 8:52 AM in Cruel Dilemma
Page 334 - Not the Titular Dilemma
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MagicMixture 26th Sep 2018, 8:52 AM edit delete
Goddammit, Taylor! They were having another moment!


Stein: By yelling at you, I was treating you as though you were Andy or Ian, and I should've realized that you probably wouldn't have been okay with that. For that, I'm sorry.
Madeline: . . .
Madeline: . . . It's okay.
Stein: Out of curiosity, why did you run ahead?
Madeline: Well, uh, it's stupid, but. . . I thought if I could activate the flood program as soon as possible, then whoever fell would be saved before it happened.
Madeline: But it was pretty dumb, wasn’t it?
Stein: It wasn't a. . . terrible idea.
Madeline: . . .
Stein: But since everyone was too far away to help, you were on your own. Ah, I see the dilemma.
Madeline: Exactly. Not to mention that pit was right there, and —
Taylor: Oh! Before I forget, Aelita leveled up so be sure to fix her sheet.
[Jeremie and Aelita stare in silent disapproval.]
Stein & Madeline: . . .
Taylor: What?
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