Page 331 - Three to One

19th Sep 2018, 8:00 AM in Cruel Dilemma
Page 331 - Three to One
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MagicMixture 19th Sep 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
Even the smartest person can be blind to what their actions could do.


Stein: Look, if there's one thing I would be considered an expert in, it is computers. I can do it!
Andy: Well, yeah, duh. But not this early in the game. I mean, you're only at, what, Level 3?
Stein: Glad to know you have my back.
Andy: I do! I'm just saying you don't know it yet. Yehhht.
Stein: . . .
Eric: I don't like this either, but I'd rather pick the option that will let us get both of them here, even if it takes longer.
Stein: . . .
Madeline: Um. . . I-I don't think Aelita would be. . . o-okay with this.
Madeline: I-I mean, I k-kind of put Yumi i-in this, a-and she's part of your world already, so. . .
Stein: . . .
Stein: . . . Okay.
Stein: I reply, "We accept", and relinquish the security surrounding Aelita's materialization program.
Andy (aside): Good job.
Taylor: That last bit there? Smart move.
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