Page 314 - Bracing for Impact

17th Aug 2018, 8:00 AM in Cruel Dilemma
Page 314 - Bracing for Impact
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MagicMixture 17th Aug 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
Have any of you guys shielded another party member from lethal damage? I am 90% sure that I would, the 10% being the rare times I would play as a jerk (who would end up caring about their party members anyway).


Rachel: I'm at the factory now. Rescue time.
Taylor: One bulldozer swings its backhoe at you. Reflex Save.
Taylor: And I missed by a mile.
Rachel (Yumi): Ulrich, get up! This is not the time for a nap!
Eric: I don't think I'll be waking up that way.
Taylor: Bulldozer's speeding right to a wall.
Rachel: Distance?
Taylor: 5 feet.
Rachel: I'll get in and cushion Ulrich's body with mine.
Eric: What? But what if you get hurt?
Rachel: I can take the damage. You can't. Reflex Save.
Taylor: Add this, minus this, made your save. . . Yumi's at 7 HP while Ulrich has -4.
Rachel: You're welcome.
Eric: . . . Yeah. Thanks.
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Anvildude 17th Aug 2018, 4:13 PM edit delete reply
This is actually my FAVORITE playstyle. Like, not even just Tanking, but actively meatshielding. Thing is, I didn't know it until recently, because so few games have actual rules for that sort of thing. But then I found the Warder class from the Paths of War splatbook in Pathfinder, and I'm hooked. A combination of "Not in my house" blocks, boosting ally defense, actual "You have to attack me" taunt stuff, "I will be your shield!" actions and straight up "Get Down Mr. President!" moves, most of which are reactive, allowing me to actually intercept or interpose while an attack is happening- they're great.
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