Page 262 - Leap of Faith Gone Wrong

3rd Apr 2018, 8:00 AM in Log Book
Page 262 - Leap of Faith Gone Wrong
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MagicMixture 3rd Apr 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY! I can't believe it. A whole year. 262 pages, 4 episodes plus a prequel, 11 panorama shots, 1 title page, 5 guest pages, thousands of screenshots, endless hours of research, and it all lead up to today. Guys, I'm so happy to be here, and I hope you'll stay with me until the end.

This bit here is the reason why I decided to include the XANA attack. Because there is no way Odd would've been able to just walk away after jumping out of a speeding bus.

Now here's two people for Fun Fact Week!

Andy only carries 1d20 around. Just the one die. If he needs more or different dice, he borrows Stein's dice. He fidgets with it a lot, spinning it around on one of its points like a coin, and tends to throw his die if he's excited, which leads to it getting lost. He’ll search for it frantically until it is back in his hand or found in a completely unreachable place like under the fridge. Andy also likes organizing dice by color, so he'll line Stein's up in a long line of color.

And Taylor, too! I consider this day to be her birthday.

Taylor deliberately tried to come up with a dice quirk when they first joined but didn’t find it until they stopped trying. With the die balanced between their middle finger and thumb, they snapped their fingers, flicking their thumb out, and rolled a natural 20, succeeding on a crucial will save. Believing that they found a good method, Taylor has refined this technique for a year, giving them very good aim. They sometimes fling their dice at the other players if a missile or catapult was launched.

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Stein: Andy got the brilliant idea to jump out of the bus.
Taylor: Really, Andy? Really?!
Andy: Before it got to dangerous speeds! I used future flash to find out the right time!
Ian: Dude, even at low speeds, you still won’t be walking around after jumping out of a moving vehicle.
Rachel: So Odd’s stuck at the hospital and unable to help.
Andy: Eric, if I jumped out of a bus going 30mph, I would be fine, right?
Eric: You sure you want to know? I’ll probably screw things up for you.
Andy: . . . It’s fine. Give me the verdict.
Eric: You’d get a few broken bones, sprains at best. And that’s not taking into account HOW you landed.
Ian: He did very well on his Tumble Check, so he didn’t break his neck.
Eric: Then you’re not dead. Amazingly.
Rachel: So much for your backup.
Andy: Hey, now, I bet all of my chips and lost. That’s fine. It’s not Eric’s fault I was being an idiot.
Eric: . . .
Stein: You’re not an idiot, but if you do that in real life and survive, I will kill you.
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