Page 261 - Ian's Plan of Attack

2nd Apr 2018, 8:00 AM in Log Book
Page 261 - Ian's Plan of Attack
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MagicMixture 2nd Apr 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
You'd think XANA would crash the bus into a building or concrete wall, but I guess it wanted to ensure that there would be 0% chance of survival.

Anyway, tomorrow is this comic's first anniversary! Whoo! You know what that means! Fun Fact Week! And we're back to 5 pages a week! The winner was dice quirks, so here's Ian to start us off.

Ian has a bunch of different sets that he uses depending on his character. If he’s playing a kid or innocent character, he brings out bright, colorful dice that might also light up. Fighters and assassins use dark colors, nature centered PCs have green, and ancient PCs use dice with weird carvings that only Ian can read. Ian also does this when playing as GM, which can lead to multiple sets being used and mixed up, but at least he knows who he’s controlling at that point in time.

Next page tomorrow!


Taylor: Ian. . .
Ian: Urck!
Taylor: What did you do?
Ian: Well, you were taking so long so I thought why not have XANA attack?
Taylor: How?
Ian: It took control of the bus.
Taylor: So death by car wreck?
Stein: Actually, the bus is going to crash into the petrochemical plant.
Ian: Death by car wreck sounded too easy.
Rachel: I made it to Lyoko, but Madeline and I are stuck in a sandstorm.
Madeline: It-It's kind of hindering our progress.
Eric: Wait, there’s weather in Lyoko?
Taylor: Sometimes, yes. So Odd and Ulrich are stuck on the bus headed for certain doom.
[shot of the hospital]
Andy: Actually. . .
Taylor: What? . . . You have got to be kidding me!
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