Page 26 - Skipping the "Drag It Out" Mini-Game

8th May 2017, 8:00 AM in XANA Awakens
Page 26 - Skipping the "Drag It Out" Mini-Game
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MagicMixture 8th May 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Eric's first attempt at speaking in-character... and he quickly drops it. Let's face it, it can be annoying to get someone to say what you already know.

You know when you replay a video game and you already know what a character is going to say or do? And you really, really wish you could get on with it, but you've got to do certain things first? Yeah, that's the feeling Eric has at the moment.


Eric (Ulrich): So, uh, any idea what’s going on?
Stein (Jeremie): Well, maybe, but. . . No, forget it.
Eric: What, you’re not gonna tell me?
Eric: Fine. I guess you’re on your own when your hair dryer zaps you to death.
Stein: Okay. Jeremie’s got nothing to lose and an ally would help.
Stein (Jeremie): First, tell me if you can keep a secret.
Eric: Uh, yeah?
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