Page 251 - Places, People!

9th Mar 2018, 8:00 AM in Log Book
Page 251 - Places, People!
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MagicMixture 9th Mar 2018, 8:00 AM edit delete
I decided to have Jeremie join the search because why not? Might as well give him something to do.

Maybe I should've mentioned this before, but Madeline and Kiwi have been added to the cast page. I'll add Brian eventually, but there's something I need to think over first.

Next page on Monday! Have a good weekend!


Andy: I wave to the bus driver.
Taylor: He just nods, but he appreciates it.
Taylor (Sissi): Let's sit together, Ulrich. It'll be a while before we get to the pool.
Eric: Ugh.
Andy: Odd will sit near him. More support.
Eric: Sure.
Ian (Jim): We ready to go?
Taylor (Bus Driver): Oui, monsieur.
Taylor: The bus pulls out onto the street.
Rachel: That's our cue. I'll check Sissi's room.
Stein: I'll look in the principal's office. You never know.
Taylor: Hmm, I wonder who will find it first.
Rachel: Bet I can find it before you, Einstein.
Stein: No thanks. I hate bets.
Andy: LIES!
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