Page 225 - Power Drawbacks

27th Dec 2017, 8:00 AM in Holiday In the Fog
Page 225 - Power Drawbacks
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MagicMixture 27th Dec 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
I love Eric and how he constantly overanalyzes stuff. I do that, too, although I doubt I would blurt my thoughts out. He's fun to write.

Since chlorine gas is technically a homebrew poison in the world of D&D, I came up with game effects that I think would be similar to real world effects. Don't get near the stuff. The effects aren't pleasant, especially if you inhale a lot of it.

Kwanzaa started yesterday so for anyone who celebrates it, I hope you are having a good holiday!


Stein: What’s the damage?
Taylor: Since you made your second save, you just lost one Constitution point, and your Strength and Dexterity are halved.
Eric: That doesn’t sound good. I’m surprised Jim and Sissi have lasted as long as they have.
Eric: Your character is still conscious, right?
Stein: Sounds like it.
Eric: Have him warn us about them.
Stein: Okay? Jeremie says they’re trapped inside.
Eric: I go in.
Rachel: You know that’s asking for death, right?
Eric: With my speed, I can search the school very quickly. Unless. . . would your telekinesis be able to push away the poisonous gas?
Rachel: Not for long. I would need Control Air to have that effect.
Eric: And your future vision wouldn’t help you survive.
Andy: You got me there.
Eric: Although, more speed is more strain on the body which means I would need more oxygen so -
Andy: Just go!
Eric: Okay, okay! I’m going.
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