Page 221 - I Hate Road Trips

4th Dec 2017, 8:00 AM in Holiday In the Fog
Page 221 - I Hate Road Trips
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MagicMixture 4th Dec 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Three things. Number 1: The Ishiyama house is as lovely as ever. <swoons>

Number 2: Rachel isn't one to use roleplay for XP very often, but she will use whatever's available to her.

Number 3: I don't know if this scene was very funny in the original, but in this comic, they are currently leaving Hiroki at the airport. Imagine that Hiroki is stuck there for two hours because of a dress. It's now hilarious to me.

EDIT: 8 AM shift on Tuesday. Need sleep. Will post page Wednesday morning. Zzzzzzzzz Can't keep my own promises.


Taylor: Okay, Rachel, what’s your excuse for Yumi still being in the city?
Rachel: Something inspired by real life.
Taylor: Eh?
Rachel: Ahem.
[Yumi and her father are in a car parked on the curb in front of their house.]
Rachel (Mr. Ishiyama): What is taking that woman so long? We should’ve left over two hours ago.
Andy: Ahahahaha!
Rachel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’d like to hear you voice out of your range.
Rachel (Yumi): You know how much she loves that dress.
Rachel (Mr. Ishiyama): Which dress? The blue one or the pink one?
Rachel: Dad honks his horn for the 50th time, and Mom’s like -
[Mrs. Ishiyama leans out of a second story window.]
Rachel (Mrs. Ishiyama): I’m coming! I’m coming! I heard you the first time!
Eric: What is so important about this dress?
Rachel: Mom was indecisive about whether to bring it to the rugged woods or not. She really shouldn’t have.
Rachel: Anyway, Yumi gets Jeremie’s text before her mom finally comes down and books it.
Stein: Her dad doesn’t try to stop her?
Rachel: At this point, he’s too tired to do nothing but complain.
Taylor: This is acceptable. You’re not getting XP for roleplaying your parents though.
Rachel: Dammit.
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