Page 218 - Finally the Adult Sees

29th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM in Holiday In the Fog
Page 218 - Finally the Adult Sees
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MagicMixture 29th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
As I expected, figuring out the layout for this page was a struggle. I am reluctant to make the pictures small, but sometimes I have to in order to fit the whole scene. I think I did okay though.

I also feel like I'm getting better at remembering the other players even when they're not "on-screen". I'm sure real D&D players don't sit passively and not comment on what's happening, unless they're shy or scheming.


Taylor: Ian, listen check with +2.
Ian (Jim): Hmm? Screaming?
Ian (Jim): Help is on the way!
Taylor: Sissi ran out of the room with the smoke on her heels.
Ian: I run as fast as I can in the direction of the scream.
Taylor: Oh boy.
[Sissi runs right into Jim and falls to the floor.]
Andy: Hahahahaha!
Rachel: As graceful as usual.
Ian (Jim): What’s the emergency, Sissi?
Taylor (Sissi): Jim! Purple smoke! With arms!
Ian (Jim): What is this? An epidemic? I don’t see any -
Taylor: The gas cloud appears
Ian (Jim): Oh my God! Run away!
Taylor (Sissi): Hey, wait for me!
Stein: Uh, “never abandon your comrades?”
Ian: . . . I panicked.
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Rastaba 29th Nov 2017, 2:32 PM edit delete reply
I call it the peanut gallery’s always helpful in my opinion to have the other players crack a smart comment at the ones involved while the enjoy the show.
Cloy552 29th Nov 2017, 6:17 PM edit delete reply
You'd be hard pressed to find players that don't talk when they aren't involved. They'll either be trying to help the player, or trying to make everything worse for them.
Wildwolf42 30th Nov 2017, 12:18 AM edit delete reply
I have had dms who refused to let anyone talk when it was not their turn, and we used turns for everything. Normal combat, social interaction...
DeadpanSal 30th Nov 2017, 1:57 AM edit delete reply
One time, I took 15 free actions in a turn, most of them talking, and my DM was like "Okay, we gotta draw the line somewhere..."
Funiduber 8th Jan 2018, 5:00 PM edit delete reply
I always just assume the other players are there with their quips but treated like background noise that doesn't matter. Though this may be because I"m often the quipper, and the group likes to ignore said comments and move along with the scenes.
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