Page 217 - XANA Didn't Think This One Through

28th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM in Holiday In the Fog
Page 217 - XANA Didn't Think This One Through
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MagicMixture 28th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Now I'm just imaging XANA trying to contain a ball of gas and being like, "No! Stop spreading out! You're deadlier condensed together! That's too thin! I'm losing it! I'm losing it! Wait, now I've got it! Mwahahaha! You're dead now, kiddos."


Eric: It’s morning in the game, right?
Taylor: Right.
Andy: Dude, no!
Taylor: Ignore him. What is it?
Eric: . . . Why didn’t the gas attack during the night? And how can XANA possess gas in the first place?
Taylor: You just answered your first question. XANA realized how difficult it was keeping a cloud of gas together and spent the night trying to do that.
Taylor: As for how it’s doing this now, it’s using the electrostatic charge between the molecules of the gas. It’s balancing the charges to keep them attracted to each other so the cloud stays together. Get what I mean?
Andy: So wait. There IS electricity in the gas cloud?
Taylor: Small charges, but yes. If I’m understanding the wiki right. I’m a theater major, not a chemistry major. Or is this physics?
Rachel: Did you research all that for this session?
Taylor: This and one other thing. I figured might as well.
Taylor: Anyway, Sissi feels that something’s wrong and wakes up.
Taylor: She takes one look at the weird smoke swarming in her room -
Taylor: - and screams.
Stein: Probably not a good idea.
Andy: At least she’s exhaling.
Eric: Not that it would help.
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Cloy552 28th Nov 2017, 11:38 AM edit delete reply
The severity of Xana's plots really bounces up and down. Let's nuke the town! Then let's send in a clone!
Super_Big_Mac 28th Nov 2017, 6:18 PM edit delete reply
It truly is rather humorous watching his plans go from nukes to gas to clones to possession of a high school principal's daughter.

I'm under the belief that he bounces around so much because it's whatever's closest to hand when he activates another tower, and one plan's already failed, so why bother trying it again.
Anvildude 17th Jan 2018, 5:18 PM edit delete reply
I mean, there's some evil logic in the later possession-heavy tactics. Namely, it's easier to fight against something non-human, and harder to punch your best friend (or a pretty girl) in the face.

Also, weren't some of the strangest plans the ones that came the closest to succeeding?
Guest 7th Jun 2018, 5:47 PM edit delete reply
it probably just see any mean to destroy them as as good as the other. i mean, wether they die crushed by a giant teddy bear or in a nuklear disaster, they are dead, fine for it.
JM Matthews 30th Nov 2017, 12:20 PM edit delete reply
JM Matthews
I freaking Hate XANA. Such an evil sentient virus.
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