Page 212 - XANA Is a Bit of a Troll

21st Nov 2017, 8:00 AM in Holiday In the Fog
Page 212 - XANA Is a Bit of a Troll
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MagicMixture 21st Nov 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Jeremie is so mischievious and goofy in the beginning of this episode, and I love it. It's not very often that he acts like this.

Let these kids be kids!!!


Taylor: While Jim’s gone, Sissi is going to talk to Jeremie.
Stein (Jeremie): Care to explain why you stayed behind as well?
Taylor (Sissi): Sure, if you explain to me who XANA is.
Rachel: Oooooh, she overheard us, didn’t she?
Taylor (Sissi): Come now. Who is he? Is he some kind of spy since “evil never sleeps”?
Stein (Jeremie): We were, uh, talking about a video game. A multiplayer game. XANA’s always on and keeps trolling us. That’s all.
Taylor (Sissi): Is that so? What game is it?
Stein (Jeremie): Nothing you’ve heard of.
Taylor (Sissi): Then tell me, and I’ll check it out.
Andy: Make up a game!
Rachel: Say it’s ridiculously expensive!
Eric: Maybe uh –
Taylor: Everyone, shush! Your answer, Stein?
Stein (Jeremie): If you clean some of this, I’ll tell you what the game is.
Taylor (Sissi): Hmph! Fine.
[Jeremie sits in Jim’s abandoned chair, watching Sissi clean.]
Stein (Jeremie): A little more elbow grease, Sissi!
Taylor (Sissi): Don’t boss me around!
Ian (Jim): And what do you think you’re doing?
Stein: Uh. . .
Andy: Quick! Act innocent!
[Jeremie grins and holds up two fingers in a V shape, making a peace sign.]
Andy: I said “act innocent!” Not like me!
Stein: Yeah, who was I kidding? This never worked for you.
Andy: Exactly! . . . Hey!
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Rastaba 21st Nov 2017, 9:05 AM edit delete reply
Jeremie Tom Sawyered her.
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