Page 207 - A Work of Art

14th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM in Holiday In the Fog
Page 207 - A Work of Art
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MagicMixture 14th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Ah, yes. That picture. It is funny, but I kind of feel bad for Jim.


Andy (Kiwi): Bark, bark, bark!
Ian (Jim): Get back here, you mangy mutt!
Andy: Not gonna say anything, nope, nope, nope!
[Jeremie and Ulrich hold spray paint cans and spray at the wall.]
Taylor: You two, roll craft (visual art).
Taylor: Combined, your work is definitely recognizable. As you finish, you hear a dog barking.
Stein: That’s your cue to leave, Eric.
Eric: Are you sure?
Stein: Go ahead. No sense in both of us getting in trouble.
Eric: . . . I leave.
[Jim chase with Kiwi leads him past Jeremie.]
Ian: Spot check!
Taylor: It’ll take your eyes off the dog.
Ian: So close!
Ian (Jim): Jeremie! What are you doing outside at this hour?!
Ian (Jim): And that, huh?! What the heck is that?
Ian: Seriously, what is Jim looking at?
Andy: This pic.
[An unflattering painting of Jim's head is on the wall. His face is distorted in a cartoonish way with large, lopsided eyes and a gaping mouth with his tongue sticking out. He wears a pair of pink bunny ears on his head, and his hands make the 'hang loose' sign. 'Jim' is written beside the face.]
Rachel: Bwahahaha!
Ian: You’ve got to be kidding me.
Andy: Don’t call my diggity-dog a mangy mutt.
[Jeremie smiles mischievously.]
Stein: Oh. Looks like you caught me.
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