Page 203 - Time and Reassurance

8th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM in Holiday In the Fog
Page 203 - Time and Reassurance
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MagicMixture 8th Nov 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
So the reason I went back to 5 pages a week was so I could participate in NaNoWriMo. Well, I've sadly realized that I can't. I have too much going on, and I'm a mess.

Due to me being a mess, I don't feel ready to return to 10 pages a week immediately. So I will continue to have a break for this month, and resume double updates on December 4th. Hopefully, I will get my buffer up by then.


[Tiny little spheres of light create red and blue lights against a black background. The blue lights form a grid. Thick bright red lights appear uniform but several are bent, and a few run around in swirling loops in contrast to the organized blue lines.]
Madeline: Ohmygodohmygod! What was I thinking?! This was so stupid!
Madeline’s Cell Phone: <BZZT>
Taylor Text: Hey, I’m an owl now, so prepare for a bunch of messages.
Madeline: A what? Nononono!
<20 Minutes Later. . .>
[The red lights are dimmer than before but still swirl around in loops.]
Madeline: Hmmmm, I should look, but. . . Just get it over with!
Taylor Text: Andy here! I can’t believe we had a secret player this whole time! Are you going to keep playing behind a screen? That’s soooo fitting with your character!
Madeline: Uh, huh?
[The red and blue lines grow smaller and dimmer. Some of the red lines disappear and create less chaotic shapes. Darkness is clearly seen around the lines.]
Taylor Text: Madeline, right? I’m Rachel. I’m new with this crew, but no one bites here. It’d be cool to have a third girl join in.
Madeline: Hmm.
[The blue and red lines are mere blurs and fade away.]
Taylor Text: This is Eric. I’m guessing you’re shy around people. I get that. But this group isn’t so bad even if they’re a little wild.
[It is pitch black, both red and blue lines are gone. However, very dim squares appear in the dark.]
Taylor Text: Hi. I am Stein. I think we talked earlier before, Agent A? You did some good roleplaying. These guys get intense, but they are nice people.
[The scene brightens a bit with a pale blue glow. Little blue squares of data slowly fly up where the glow is brightest.]
Ian Text: Intense? Ha! If they’re intense, then I’m the Queen of England! If you can handle me, these guys are nothing.
Madeline: . . .
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Rastaba 8th Nov 2017, 4:00 PM edit delete reply
Sorry to hear. I understand the need to drop back from a more aggressive release schedule though. Hoping things become more tolerable for you soon.
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