Page 187 - Scrambling for Ideas

26th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM in Seeing Is Believing
Page 187 - Scrambling for Ideas
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MagicMixture 26th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Is Taylor being dramatic here? A little bit. But she had this idea in mind, and everything is tearing it apart, and she can't think of a solution that doesn't seem like a deus ex machina.

I feel her pain.


Taylor: Wow. Great. Thanks a lot, Andy.
Andy: You’re welcome. Uh, what did I do?
Taylor: Ulrich’s alone with THREE krabs! I expected all of the Lyoko warriors there!
Eric: Hmm, not good odds.
Taylor: But since you’re gone already and Yumi’s off telling the police, this game’s as good as dead.
Andy: . . . Sorry?
Taylor: Ugh, I knew I should’ve have risen the stakes that high.
Ian: Hey now. It’s not over yet. Jim can help the gang if Yumi tells him.
Rachel: And how easy would you make it for Jim to believe her?
Ian: Well. . .
Taylor: Even if you were successful, it would take precious time to get to the factory.
Stein: I’m right here. Jeremie could virtualize himself, and I could whip up a quick Lyoko sheet.
Taylor: There isn’t a program available for automatic or delayed virtualization. And making one would, of course, take time.
Eric: What if I wasn’t alone?
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