Page 183 - Mind Exercise

24th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM in Seeing Is Believing
Page 183 - Mind Exercise
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MagicMixture 24th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Man, this page's layout took forever to figure out. I had to do some mind exercises in order to come up with a sensible layout! I am pleased with the "stretch your logic" line with how Yumi's hands are positioned.


Stein: The scanner says the tower is in the desert.
Eric: We see the map.
Stein: Near an oasis.
Eric: Ah.
Taylor: Aelita knows where it is and will guide you.
Andy: I thought we were guides.
Taylor: No, you’re guards.
Taylor: Now, Rachel. You hear the tail end of this conversation.
Taylor (Chief Engineer): I don’t understand. The plant is working perfectly.
Taylor (Ms. Hertz): And yet here we are using candles for light.
Taylor (Chief Engineer): I’m sure there is a logical explanation.
Rachel (Yumi): I can explain, but you’ll have to stretch your logic.
Taylor (Chief Engineer): And what do you know about nuclear energy, girl?
Rachel (Yumi): Enough to know that it’s going to explode! The electricity in the pylon will go straight for the plant once it’s full.
Taylor (Ms. Hertz): By what?!
Taylor (Chief Engineer): And how do you know this?
Rachel (Yumi): By a computer virus. I’ll explain more later, but we’ve got to evacuate the city now!
Taylor: Roll diplomacy.
Rachel: <sigh> Four. They think I’m a lunatic, huh?
Taylor: Unfortunately, yes.
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