Page 179 - Arguing

20th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM in Seeing Is Believing
Page 179 - Arguing
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MagicMixture 20th Oct 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
A lot of real time passes because the players can't agree on something. I'm sure this is frustrating for the GMs, but are there any players that enjoy contributing to an argument?


Rachel: Okay, Yumi’s going to be very hesitant about this.
Stein: What do you mean?
Rachel: Nuclear. Explosion. If we fail in Lyoko, a large portion of France will be wiped out.
Andy: We’ve got a time machine. If we fail, we can restart.
Rachel: Oh, so you want to have thousands of lives on your hands just because we can “try again”?
Eric: What happened to this being just a game?
Rachel: It’s Yumi that’s worried, not me. And she says that we should alert the authorities and evacuate the area.
Stein: Yeah. And they’ll pull the plug on XANA, killing Aelita as well. Do you want her death on your hands?
Rachel: Of course not. But this is a nuclear disaster, and we’re playing kids.
Ian: Man, I wish my PC was here so I could join the fight.
Eric: Why would you want to?
Ian: Arguing about your next move is half of the fun.
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Funiduber 8th Jan 2018, 2:35 PM edit delete reply
Depends. I had one group with 2 guys that were notorious for bickering with each other, and I often played peacekeeper. This was not fun.

In a different group, I did have fun debating what to do with some of the other players, even though the Fighter often got bored and just charged in in the middle of the planning.
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