Page 178 - Ominous Reason

19th Oct 2017, 8:00 PM in Seeing Is Believing
Page 178 - Ominous Reason
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MagicMixture 19th Oct 2017, 8:00 PM edit delete
That static affect is so awesome. I'm so glad I figured out how to do it.


Taylor (Aelita): XANA was willing to talk with me after I identified myself. I tried to tell it that the four of you weren’t a threat.
Taylor (Aelita): I tried, but I don’t think I made a difference. It’s determined to kill as many humans as it can.
Rachel: So that’s why it wants to attack the nuclear plant. The explosion probably won’t destroy the factory, but the radiation will wipe anybody out.
Taylor (Aelita): Exactly. It’s determined to keep its existence secret.
Stein (Jeremie): Did it say why it wants to kill?
Taylor (Aelita): All it said was —
[A static filled picture of several men lying on the ground outside.]
Taylor (XANA): “To kill is in the code of XANA.”
Andy: Dude, that voice was awesome.
Taylor: Heh. Thanks.
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