Page 176 - Didn't Even Release a Single

18th Oct 2017, 8:00 PM in Seeing Is Believing
Page 176 - Didn't Even Release a Single
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MagicMixture 18th Oct 2017, 8:00 PM edit delete
Best explanation I can give for why the Pop Rock Progressives never appear outside of this episode. Maybe in the show, on top of school work and saving the world, they didn't have time to spare for the band.


Andy: Ian did it! Not me this time!
Stein: Hmm, since you don’t have your phone out and Ian does, I’ll believe you.
Taylor: We might as well come back in here. It’s time to save the world.
Eric: From what? A stuffed rabbit now?
Taylor: Nope. Worse.
Stein: And it’s not from Caerbannog.
Andy: Hee hee hee.
Eric: Ca-what?
Stein: We’ll explain later. Jeremie will call one of you to come to the factory.
Rachel: Got it. We’ll be right there.
Eric: Shouldn’t we take care of. . . Jim first.
[Jim plays the trombone with vigor.]
<♫ WAAA~H ♫ ♫ WAH WAH ♫>
Rachel (Yumi): Sorry, Jim, but the band broke up so we’re no longer taking auditions.
Ian: Aw. I wanted to be in a band again.
Andy: Maybe another campaign.
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