Page 140 - Accidental Seer

22nd Sep 2017, 8:00 PM in Teddygozilla
Page 140 - Accidental Seer
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MagicMixture 22nd Sep 2017, 8:00 PM edit delete
Remember how I wanted to put in as much info in each page as possible? I tried to combine this page and the next one, but it just felt too jam packed so, after several hours, I finally went, "Screw it! I'm splitting this scene!"

It flows so much better, and I can have a proper reaction to everyone realizing that Eric somehow predicted the future.

Next page on Monday! Have a good weekend!

Life Points
Odd: 15 HP
Aelita: 20 HP


[Odd shoots his laser arrows and blasts kankrelats into data.]
Andy: That’s two!
Andy: Three!
Andy: Four down! Yes!
Taylor: And the last one was knocked over by the blast.
Taylor: Hang on a sec.
Taylor: Oh, wow. Wow!
Ian: What?
Taylor: The kankrelat fell in front of Aelita—
Taylor: —who failed her balance check—
Taylor: —and fell off the cliff!
Andy & Rachel: HAHAHAHAHA!
Eric: . . . What the hell?
Stein: Oh my God; this is actually happening. Ha ha ha!
Ian: Did you plan that? Please tell me you planned that!
Taylor: I swear I did not plan this!
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Guest 2nd Jun 2018, 5:00 PM edit delete reply
Ahahahah ! indeed. he should try and make another prediction to see if it will also come true.
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