Page 138 - Psychic Cat

21st Sep 2017, 8:00 PM in Teddygozilla
Page 138 - Psychic Cat
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MagicMixture 21st Sep 2017, 8:00 PM edit delete
10 subscribers?! Eeeee! Thank you!

Ah, yes. Future flash. Appeared only a few times and was never seen again.

To be fair, it was a bit useless in the fact that you couldn't change what happened. However! It does give you prep time on what you could do immediately after what you see in the vision happens.

Life Points
Odd: 15 HP
Aelita: 20 HP


[Odd cartwheels out of the way of the kankrelats' lasers.]
Andy: Point blank shot, don’t fail me now.
[Odd shoots a laser arrow and hits a kankrelat.]
Andy: Finally! I killed something!
[Odd is shot in the chest and tumbles backwards. -10 HP.]
Taylor: And you got hit as well.
Andy: I am okay with this!
Eric: Say, how does Andy’s future sight thing work? I mean, you can’t predict dice rolls.
Andy: How do you know I can’t, hmm?
Taylor: Mechanics-wise, he gets a +2 bonus to any roll for his choosing. That’s one option. The other is I give him a brief description of a story event that I planned.
Eric: So if, uh, Aelita fell off of a cliff, Andy could roll and catch her immediately?
Taylor: For his next, mmm, five rolls, yes.
Eric: . . . Is there a catch?
Taylor: The vision leaves him vulnerable so he gets a penalty to any saving throws. Oh, and he can only use the story option once per session.
Ian: That seems risky. You could easily die before sharing your vision.
Andy: If I can get an edge on an enemy, it’s worth it.
Taylor: By the way, Aelita runs down the path in the pit.
Andy: Why?! <sigh> I follow her.
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