Page 124 - I've Got This

12th Sep 2017, 8:00 PM in Teddygozilla
Page 124 - I've Got This
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MagicMixture 12th Sep 2017, 8:00 PM edit delete
Ah. This is one of the reasons why I like Odd. He didn't have to help the kids, but he did anyway.

I did a little color touch-up in the first two panels. Originally, Odd's pants were the same shade of color when they should be two different shades so I fixed it. If there's a coloring or animated mistake that I think I can fix, I'll fix it.


Taylor: You find them easily.
Andy (Odd): Yo, what’s up?
Taylor (Tamiya): Somebody stole her teddy bear.
Taylor (Milly): Did you take it?
Andy (Odd): Nope, don’t have one on me.
Andy: 15 for sense motive. Is she lying about her bear?
Taylor: You’re pretty sure she’s not lying.
Taylor (Tamiya): Wait, I see it! In this picture of Sissi’s room.
Taylor (Milly): You’re right! There it is under her pillow!
Andy: “Pretty sure she’s not lying.” So she probably didn’t plant it.
Taylor (Milly): Let’s go get it!
Taylor (Tamiya): If Jim catches us again, we’re dead for sure.
Andy (Odd): You know what? I’ve got this. I’ll look for your bear, Milly.
Taylor (Milly & Tamiya): Thank you!
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