Page 118 - Friend or Foe?

7th Sep 2017, 8:00 PM in Teddygozilla
Page 118 - Friend or Foe?
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MagicMixture 7th Sep 2017, 8:00 PM edit delete
You may notice how I didn't mention who was the antagonist in the prequel. That's because I found it a bit abrupt that they quickly discovered what was going on. I can understand it since there's only so much they can put in 40-45 minutes. But since this is a long campaign, I feel justified in dragging a few things out. :)


Stein (Jeremie): Have you made any progress on finding out more about Lyoko or you?
Taylor (Aelita): Unfortunately, no. If there are any records about the creator, I can’t access them.
Stein (Jeremie): Have there been any more activated towers?
Taylor (Aelita): Not yet. And I’ve checked the other sectors as well. It all seems quiet.
Taylor (Aelita): I did find out one thing. When the tower was activated, the connection only went one way. From this world to yours.
Stein (Jeremie): So it wasn’t activated by someone here?
Taylor (Aelita): It’s unlikely. Lyoko is closed off from the network. No one can enter except by the supercomputer.
Stein (Jeremie): But the only other explanation is that it was activated from Lyoko.
Taylor (Aelita): You mean I might not be alone here? That would be amazing!
Stein (Jeremie): Uh, yeah. Better make sure it’s not the one trying to kill us.
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