Page 115 - Go Away, Kiddies

6th Sep 2017, 8:00 AM in Teddygozilla
Page 115 - Go Away, Kiddies
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MagicMixture 6th Sep 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
I apologize if the NPC dialogue is clunky. I find it rather difficult to come up with decent dialogue for them. I get tempted to write exactly what they say in the show, but that would be boring. I will work on it though.

New page this evening.


Taylor (Milly): Oh, look who it is! It’s the queen of Kadic. Sissi Delmas, tell us if you believe your influence will help you win beauty queen for the third year in a row.
Taylor (Sissi): I’m sorry. Who are you? I thought a news crew was here, not a bunch of amateurs.
[Herb pushes away Tamiya's video camera.]
Taylor (Tamiya): But. . . we’re not amateurs.
Taylor (Milly): Yeah! We write quality news!
Taylor (Sissi): As if anybody could read your “articles” when they’re written in crayon.
Taylor (Milly): Oh, ha ha! You think you’re sooo great because you’re older. Well, we’ll show you! This news article will be the best piece you ever read!
Taylor (Sissi): Really? And how can you write accurate news when you can’t get into the scene? You need a date, and there’s no one that will go out with a child like you.
Taylor (Herb): Ew! No way!
Taylor (Nicholas): Ew!
Rachel: Jeez. When did Sissi become a —
Taylor: Ahem!
Rachel: Royal pain?
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