Page 109 - Super Smart and Super Scary

31st Aug 2017, 8:00 AM in XANA Awakens
Page 109 - Super Smart and Super Scary
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MagicMixture 31st Aug 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
The Lyoko powers are based off of D&D's psionic abilities. At some point, I will post a page fully explaining this mechanic, but here's what I'll share for now.

A being transferred to and from Lyoko gain access to one psion discipline set. Their chosen Lyoko power can be used in the real world while other powers from their chosen discipline are used only on Lyoko. These other abilities have a cost, either life point or XP loss, depending on how powerful it is.

Each character's psion discipline will be on their info when the cast page is up. For now, feel free to speculate about who gets what.


Ian: What do you have?
Rachel: My telekinesis. Could I use telekinesis on Yumi to make her fly?
Taylor: I’ll discuss that with you later.
Andy: What’cha got, Eric?
Eric: I think it’s super speed.
Andy: Awesome! Super reflexes in the real world. You’re gonna rock in sports!
Ian: Jim will be keeping an eye on you!
Stein: Would Jeremie receive a power too?
Taylor: Not until he actually appears in Lyoko. Just scanning him won’t work.
Stein: Oh well. Jeremie’s powerful enough with just his intelligence.
Andy: Are you sure you want to say that in front of the GM?
Stein: Oh no! Don’t make that creepy face!
Taylor: Pride will be your downfall, Stein.
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