Page 104 - A Shocking Meeting... Again?

24th Aug 2017, 8:00 AM in XANA Awakens
Page 104 - A Shocking Meeting... Again?
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MagicMixture 24th Aug 2017, 8:00 AM edit delete
Yay! Sound effects and the GM's - wait. The script is different from before.

I nearly had two different panels at the bottom, one before Jeremie arrives and this one, but there were so many animated discrepancies between the two that it distracted me. Like Yumi got ridiculously tall and Odd's hair looked so bizzare. So I just stuck with the one panel.


[A beam of light appears behind Jim and engulfs the room and the factory. Fade to white.]
Taylor: Ulrich and Odd are near the vending machines enjoying their drinks. Yumi picks up her own and leaves.
Rachel: What? No, I stay.
Taylor: Odd’s hair is down again.
Andy: Huh?
Taylor: Jeremie walks over to the vending machines, looking lost in thought.
Eric: Didn’t we already do something like this?
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