Fun Facts: Outside RPGs
by MagicMixture
Whoo! Second Anniversary! It's been a rough year, but we're still here. Still standing and still going strong!

And now it's Fun Fact Time! This year’s topic is “What sort of things do everyone do other than tabletop games?”
uggested by WildWolf42.

Stein, of course, loves working on robotics and programming. Most of his feelings about technology can be summed up on this page, and he really hopes to contribute to the ever growing field with something of his own unique design. Right now, he’s trying to work on small projects such as increasing a program’s awareness and… well, that’s spoilers. Of course, his definition of “small projects” is different from what other people think.

Ian likes playing music in his spare time. He has an electric guitar in his room that he’ll strum from time to time and sing a few songs. Thankfully, he’s not allowed to have a sound amp in the dorm otherwise no one would be able to sleep. He’s not interested in making a career out of music making; it’s just a fun hobby for him. That doesn’t mean he’ll say no when someone asks him to join a gig though. Heck, he’d relish the chance to cut loose and show off.

Taylor enjoys playing with their little brother, Brian. Even though there’s a large age gap between the two, Taylor doesn’t mind playing the simple games. Heck, after a difficult day at school, they like having a chance to be silly and not just during Game Night. They can put on a sock puppet show about their day with squeaky voices, over-the-top expressions, and a little slapstick. Brian doesn’t fully understand the shows yet, but it makes him laugh and that’s all Taylor could ask for.

Rachel reads manga, watches anime, plays Japanese-themed video games; she’s pretty much an otaku. She teaches herself how to speak and read Japanese and can hold quite a few conversations. She particularly enjoys shows where the protagonist wanders the world alone (with maybe a companion or two), going wherever the wind blows and getting caught up in the local chaos. She wants to travel to Japan one day, though she’s fully aware that it may not live up to her expectations.

Eric does a lot of reading and research, I’m sure you’ve guessed. One of his favorite topics to read is Japanese stuff but more on the historical side. Samurai, weaponry, martial arts, ink-wash paintings, and haiku; he’s amazed at the balance of strict discipline and fluid grace, not to mention the emphasis on honor. You can expect Eric to criticize a Japanese setting show if they get their historical facts wrong. He only understands a couple words, but he’s familiar with the customs.

Andy’s love for animals carries over to the real world. Well, more like the real world carries over to the game. He can’t keep a pet so he helps out at the local animal shelter instead. He feeds the cats and dogs, brushes them, plays with them, forgets that he can’t just keep playing and has work to do… If he could adopt all of the furry little critters, he would. Of course, he loves other animals too, but he doesn’t know how to take care of them.

And last but not least, Madeline! It’s rather difficult for her to be among people so she tends to listen podcasts or play games on her computer instead. Once in a while, she’ll join a multiplayer server and hope to God that none of them ask her too many questions or be creepy. She prefers games that have puzzles or a little story behind them. As for genres, she loves horror games the most, amazingly, even though they nearly give her heart attacks sometimes.

This series would not have been possible without viewers like you! Thank you for being here with me!!!