Page 371 - Next Step to the Jedi Side

13th Feb 2019, 8:00 AM in Image Problem
Page 371 - Next Step to the Jedi Side
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MagicMixture 13th Feb 2019, 8:00 AM edit delete
Oh, blurry 3D action scenes. How I've missed you. (Noooo) In all seriousness, I'm actually thrilled to get to the fighting half for once. I think I also felt like we were getting nowhere so it's nice to progress in the session.

I probably linked it before, but here's the samurai class Ulrich's using if you want to look it over.

Life Points
Aelita: 20 HP
Ulrich: 35 HP
Odd: 30 HP


Taylor: And Yumi's last in the initiative order. So, Aelita's being chased right now?
Madeline: Yes. Sh-She goes to Odd and Ulrich. I already lost some life points. Sorry!
Andy: No worries! I take out that roach.
Andy: Yes! Your move.
Eric: I'll place myself next to, uh, Aelita and ready an action. Is that the right wording?
Taylor: Yeah. What do you plan to do and what's the trigger?
Eric: When a monster shoots at Aelita, I'll deflect the attack.
Taylor: Mmm-hmm, I like it. The other monster fires at her now.
Eric: I got this feat when I reached Level 3. Let's see if it works.
Eric: I use Deflect Arrows.
Taylor: And that's a success.
Taylor: Since it's a laser and not an actual arrow, I'm going to say you send it in a different direction. Got a preference?
Eric: Well, it'd be nice if it hit the monster.
Taylor: Yeah, no. That's Reflect Arrows.
Eric: Oh.
Taylor: But~ if the laser bounces off of another solid object and hits a weak monster — say, a kankrelat — then it would be dead.
Eric: Hmm, I redirect the laser towards that iceberg.
Taylor: <whistles> Lucky shot. That's all of the monsters nearby.
Eric: Not a sure-fire method, but it'll do for now.
Andy: NOW can we know what's going on?!
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